And that beast is only just beginning to stir from its slumber.

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For a long time I’ve looked at Bitcoin as a digital currency among other digital currencies. I knew it was the first, but the first of what? A unit of measure, a digital ledger, a decentralized bank, money that can never inflate?

Bitcoin may be all of those things but it is also something more, something transcendent.

Bitcoin is money, but what is money? Money is many things from different angles. Money could be thought of as the highest form of energy human beings can channel. …

The Wisdom of Michael Saylor

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Bitcoin’s significance in the minds of people and subsequently its place in the world is shifting. It is expanding. My understanding of Bitcoin, and money itself, is expanding. The personal transformation is thanks, in no small part, to discovering The Saylor Series with Robert Breedlove and MicroStrategy co-founder Michael Saylor.

How blockchain gaming can revolutionize the digital revolution.

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Though we often seem divided on the surface, humanity as a collective is unprecedently interconnected. As of April 2020 there were an estimated 4.57 billion active internet users with the amount of smart-phone owners quickly approaching 4 billion.

For reference, there are roughly 7.6 billion humans on Earth.

More than half of the global population carries more information in their pocket than the wealthiest kings of the past could’ve dreamed of. What will we do with this power? More importantly, who will we let control it?

So far the results have been a mixed bag. Many have been empowered through…

The decentralized future of our digital landscapes.


What is blockchain gaming? Depending on who you ask you could get radically different answers. That is because it is still an emerging concept. Sometimes it seems like blockchain technology is being incorporated into games in a different way almost every day.

What even is blockchain technology?

To understand blockchain gaming, one needs to understand the concept of blockchain itself. Bitcoin has become a household name but, in the minds of many, the term “blockchain” and its accompaniments still register as confusing jargon.

The first thing to understand is that blockchain is a system. …

A Literary Analysis of Tom Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie.

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“There is always a time for departure, even when there’s no certain place to go.” -Tennessee Williams

The human spirit is incredibly strong. Even when everything feels impossible, the mind fights hard against the weary body to find hope on every possible horizon. It holds fiercely to visions of freedom from the chains of today as well as beauty in the elusive tomorrow. In the American Drama The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams character Tom Wingfield seeks freedom from the repressive and mediocre life he feels systematically enslaved by.

Set during the Great Depression, the world Tom is a part of…


I love the way you look at me.

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The way your eyes dance,
so happy
at the sight of me.

A response to this challenge:

Elizabeth Gail

Poet and Pet-Sitter. Lifelong student; Full-time Daydreamer.

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